Find bugs before your users do

QA Wolf is an open-source test recorder that actually works. Create stable browser tests in Jest with Puppeteer, so your team can focus on delighting users.

  • Record your tests
  • Stable tests!
  • Set up CI
  • Debug with ease
QA Wolf in action

Record your tests

Don't waste time writing boilerplate test code. Create Puppeteer and Jest tests from your browser interactions. QA Wolf supports multiple windows, third party sites, and changing input values with environment variables.

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Stable tests!

Focus on actual failures, not flakes. QA Wolf creates stable tests by automatically waiting for the next element or assertion. It builds a smart element selector using multiple attributes, or a test attribute if you specify one (like "data-qa"). We battle test QA Wolf against public sites on a schedule to keep improving stability.

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Set up CI

Set up CI with one command. Run your tests on push or on a schedule, and choose which environment to target. We support CircleCI, Azure DevOps, and GitHub Actions (with more coming soon!). Artifacts for debugging are created per test.

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Debug with ease

Get to the bottom of failing tests quickly. Each test run includes a video, gif, interactive DOM recording, and browser logs as artifacts.