😌 Skip writing boilerplate

Convert your browser actions into code. QA Wolf supports complex workflows including third party sites, multiple windows, and hot keys.

⚓ Built for stability

Avoid flaky tests. The qawolf node library automatically waits for the next element or assertion. Smart element selectors target elements using multiple attributes.

☁️ Easy CI setup

Run your tests in CI in parallel with one command, on push or on a schedule. Debug easily with a video, GIF, interactive DOM recording, and detailed logs.

Get Started

1. Install QA Wolf

Install QA Wolf as a dev dependency of your project:

2. Create your test

Create a Puppeteer and Jest test from your actions:

Your test code is saved at.qawolf/tests/yourTestName.test.js. Edit your code however you like!

3. Run your test

Use the CLI to run your tests locally:

Run Tests in CI

  • Azure
  • CircleCI
  • GitHub
  • GitLab

Easy CI setup

Create a config file to run your tests in CI in parallel:

A config file for your CI provider will be created in your project.